Data-Science; What The Heck Is It & Why The Hype

To get to know what data science is, first of all, we need to know what data science is not.
Data science is not: Data-Analysis, Statistics (It goes outside statistics), Mathematics (Broader than mathematics), Artificial- Intelligence (“AI” is basically trying to mimic human beings, which may be with or without the aid of data science), Machine learning (it is used to achieve data science’s goals, machine learning focuses on tools and techniques for building models that can learn by themselves by using data)

Data Science is multi-disciplinary.

All the above listed fields are usually confused with data science, but data science combines all the listed fields above (except “AI”) for solving data driven problems.  What then is data science?
Wiki 2022 defines Data science thus “Data science is an interdisciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from noisy, structured and unstructured data, and apply knowledge and actionable insights from data across a broad range of application.”

Data science is becoming more ubiquitous with its application cutting across several areas, they application include:

Health care- for diagnosis, Drug Discovery, Medical Image Analysis e.g. ONCORA used for cancer diagnosis and drug recommendation

Business: Business Intelligence for Making Smarter Decisions, Managing Businesses Efficiently, Making Better Products etc.

Social life – social media apps use it to enhance connectivity, target sponsored ads e.g. Meta: People you may know, Linked In, Instagram ads etc.

Sports: data science is used to build sensors and models that are used to predict upcoming stars, coach players etc. e.g., LIVERPOOL F.C.: MONEYBALL-ING SOCCER, RSPCT: BASKETBALL-COACHING SENSOR, BRITISH OLYMPIC ROWING TEAM etc.

Transportation: data-science is the brain behind self- driving cars, it is also used for calculating fastest routes for planes and busses e.g. UBER EATS: delivering food while it’s hot

UPS: optimizing package routing, GOOGLE: machine-learning for metastasis, EQUIVANT: data-driven crime predictions, IRS: evading tax evasion, And so many other applications.

Data Science is one of the most popular emerging domains and most sought-after career options. According to a report by LinkedIn, Data Science dominates its emerging job ranking with a whopping 37% hiring growth over the past three years. Data Science is revolutionizing almost every industry and gaining popularity day by day. Even in Nigeria, there has been a hike in the demand for data scientists, from big companies like Jumia, Cash token Africa, Initium Analystics Limited (may 2022).

 Learning data science has been made very easy by DSN (Data Science Nigeria) they run free bootcamps and Hackathons yearly.

Learning data science has been made very easy by DSN (Data Science Nigeria) they run free bootcamps and Hackathons yearly. I personally benefited from this programme. You can visit:, or can contact me at +234 8138099955. I can add you to one of their communities for frequent updates on their courses.


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